Smart Start Wins Cook County with Portable Alcohol Monitoring Device Services

Smart Start SMART Mobile Portable Alcohol Monitoring Device

Cook County, or the Chicago area, will now issue the SMART Mobile™ as their court-ordered portable alcohol monitoring device for adult probation and social services.

The current contract between Cook County and Smart Start took effect May 1 this year.

The SMART Mobile Advantage

The SMART Mobile is a portable, lightweight device that measures with precise accuracy the alcohol content in the client’s breath. SMART Mobile can issue scheduled, random and/or on-demand test windows to determine a client’s sobriety, ensuring they are successfully completing their program.

To ensure convenience for our clients, the SMART Mobile has a user-friendly display with a menu that shows upcoming scheduled tests and appointments. It also alerts the client of an upcoming test with a beeping noise. Our device’s battery can also last up to 120 hours, or five days, without needing to charge.

Tests are also only a few seconds long to complete. In fact, the SMART Mobile can be taken anywhere: a plus for clients who need to travel for work or go on vacations.

Why Smart Start?

Smart Start is a nationwide leader that provides alcohol monitoring products, which meet and exceed expectations. Our current products, the SSI-20/20™ Interlock, SSI-20/30™ Interlock and the SMART Mobile all have fuel cell technology, the most accurate sensor for breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) readings.

Smart Start also fulfills clients’ needs by providing the best in customer service. Headquartered in Grapevine, TX, our 24/7/365 bilingual customer care center assists clients around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

Smart Start is honored to continue the mission of Setting the Standard in Alcohol Monitoring Technology®, and help clients with the tools they need to reach recovery in Cook County.