Attorney’s Video Praises Smart Start Ignition Interlock in Georgia

We’re always pleased when attorneys, judges and other influencers clearly understand the value of Ignition Interlock Devices. They’re the best way to help drivers get back on the road safely after a DUI. As a result, Ben Sessions of the Sessions Law Firm in Georgia took some time recently to provide an attorney’s point of view through a short YouTube video. He makes some great points about the benefits of Smart Start Ignition Interlock in Georgia for his clients.

A Solution for Refusal Suspensions

Sessions’ firm practices in Atlanta, Macon, Columbus and other cities throughout Georgia. Starting a couple of years ago, the state legislature changed the license administration process to allow Ignition Interlock in Georgia as a way of dealing with a refusal suspension.

That really didn’t change the rules in instances when a client submitted to testing, he said. However, he said, “in those cases where a client refused a blood, breath or urine test, you absolutely have this option if you can meet certain preconditions.”

What makes Smart Start different?

Timely Installation for Ignition Interlock in Georgia

Sessions says that one major issue has been finding a product that can be installed in a timely manner for his firm’s clients. Then they have to get to the department of driver services so they can get their limited permit. That all has to be done within 30 days of the date of arrest, he added.

“That’s a pretty tight timeline when it came down to installing Ignition Interlock for a lot of clients,” he says. “Smart Start solved that problem for me.”

He notes three major reasons why Smart Start Ignition Interlock in Georgia works well for his clients:

  • Exceptional representatives who are easy for his clients to work with.
  • Quick installation of Ignition Interlock Devices, even on cars that can be difficult.
  • Peace of mind that comes from dealing with an industry leader.

Ask about same-day installation

Peace of Mind Makes All the Difference

For Sessions, the latter point is no small matter.

“It’s something that really alleviated a lot of pressure from our practice, because otherwise I was out there trying to track down a client to make sure they were getting the device, and getting the permit timely,” he said. “I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Check Ignition Interlock Laws in Your Jurisdiction

Remember that laws for Ignition Interlock in Georgia may differ from other states or jurisdictions. But one thing never changes: Smart Start is the leader for Ignition Interlock and other alcohol monitoring solutions.

“I know that (our clients are) in good hands with professional people, doing a great installation that will leave the client walking away knowing that ‘Hey, my lawyer gave me a good referral to a great service that did what they were supposed to’,” Sessions said.

Whether you’re a client who needs Smart Start Ignition Interlock in Georgia (or any other state) to fulfill a legal requirement, or you’re a professional who’s looking for reliable, affordable solution for a client, call (800) 831-3299. Clients can also fill out our online form, or sign up for our Client Portal.