ARIZONA: Smart Start Partners with Sun Valley Services, Facility for DUI Offenders

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In Arizona, the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD or ADOT) requires DUI offenders to complete an alcohol screening before their case goes to trial. That’s why facilities like Sun Valley Services provide these individuals everything they need under one roof to complete these requirements.

Smart Start has recently partnered with Sun Valley Services in Mesa to provide Ignition Interlocks to help individuals get back on the road again.

DUI Treatment and Assistance at Sun Valley Services

Sun Valley Services is a medical facility with a retail therapy approach that offers resources for DUI offenders such as screening, education and treatment. In addition, they can provide revocation packets and Traffic Survival School classes, a mandatory order in some DUI cases. The facility also assists individuals with cases involving domestic violence, anger management, family counseling and behavioral health services. Owner, Dr. Joseph Parham, is committed to helping the community by keeping roads safe, and using his expertise to change behaviors and ultimately save lives.

Smart Start Provides the Tool to Separate Drinking From Driving®

Sun Valley Services provides an all-inclusive service for individuals with a DUI offense in the Mesa area. One part of recovery in DUI offenders is the use of the proper tool. Smart Start is proud to work alongside Sun Valley Services by providing an Ignition Interlock to those who require it.

What Are Ignition Interlocks?

An Ignition Interlock is a breathalyzer in vehicles that prevents drunk driving. Individuals must blow into the device’s mouthpiece for a breath test. If their breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) is above the device’s set fail level, the vehicle will not start until a proper breath sample with no alcohol is provided. The Ignition Interlock is the only device available that can physically prevent someone from driving drunk.

With the right support and treatment, people can change and develop a better lifestyle for themselves. It’s proven that Ignition Interlocks can reduce recidivism by 15 percent.  It also leaves fewer drivers getting behind the wheel drunk, and ultimately creating safer roadways.

Get Back on the Road with Smart Start

Do you need an Ignition Interlock? If you are in Arizona, or anywhere in the U.S., Smart Start can provide a reliable device and round-the-clock customer service. Call Smart Start at (800) 831-3299 or fill out our online form to get back on the road.