3 Things Your Clients WON’T Get from Our Ignition Interlock Program

Helping a driver in the Smart Start Ignition Interlock Program.

We pride ourselves on providing everything that your clients will need to get through their Ignition Interlock Device requirement. That’s important, since Ignition Interlock is a proven way to help reduce drunk driving. However, it’s disappointing that Ignition Interlock Program vendors will make all sorts of promises and claims to entice potential clients.

So, when you’re recommending our Ignition Interlock program to your client, you know they’ll get quality service at an affordable price. You know we’ve got thousands of locations nationwide. And you know they’ll get outstanding customer service and expert advice whenever they need it.

Now look at it through a different lens. What really separates us from the competition is what we won’t do.

Four Questions Your Client Should Ask

1. We Won’t Mislead About Pricing

Our philosophy is simple: We provide transparent, affordable pricing with no hidden fees. Period. And there’s no locked-in contract to worry about.

Your clients have enough to think about when they have to comply with Ignition Interlock laws. They shouldn’t have to worry about fees and charges that other Ignition Interlock programs sometimes try hard to conceal.

What Are Examples of Hidden Costs?

2. We Won’t be Unkind or Uncaring

A drunk-driving conviction is usually a humbling moment in your client’s life. Nobody expects to be shopping for an Ignition Interlock Program, searching for an attorney, or trying to figure out how they’re going to pay for everything. The last thing your clients is to deal with cold, robotic representatives who look down on their customers.

That’s not us. Smart Start employees are passionate about what we do. Many of us have some sort of personal story or connection to a client’s situation, whether it’s through friends or family. We’re here to help your client in any way possible, with caring and compassion. We always want to be part of the solution.

Listen to a Smart Start Customer

3. We Won’t Misrepresent Who We Are

Some Ignition Interlock companies are sly in their approach to you and your clients. For example, they might send official-looking notices that look like they could have come from a state agency. It’s a sneaky way of trying to trick your clients into using their Ignition Interlock program.

That’s not how we do business. We know that we earn your respect – and the respect of your clients – by being transparent and honest in all of our communications. That’s how we have thrived for more than 27 years in the U.S., Canada, and worldwide. We lead by example, not double-talk.

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